Do we have Question Mark butterflies?

24 Jun

Okay, here’s the not very good pic of the butterfly Dylan found about the time we found the red pupa:


Here’s a pic of the Question Mark butterfly . . . sort of looks like it, but you don’t really see any color on the inside of the moth/butterfly we found, as you would on the Question Mark:


I was wondering if ours might have just been new out of its chrysalis.  In any event, keep an eye out for these butterflies; they are seen up here (Deb has seen them!) — and they have brownish, mottled, undersides, and bright orange upper wings . . .

Thoughts?  If not a Question Mark, what do you think it is?

And given that all our Black Swallowtail butterfly caterpillars seem to have disappeared, they’ve either gone off to hide and form their chrysalises (which is possible, apparently sometimes they leave their host plants to find a good place to pupate), or they got eaten by something.  Maybe next time we should put a plant with them in the butterfly cage . . . .


One Response to “Do we have Question Mark butterflies?”

  1. wearybee June 25, 2012 at 12:18 AM #

    Re: the Black Swallowtail butterfly caterillars –
    Perhaps next time we should just plant a bed solely of dill and parsley, cage the whole thing, and throw whatever caterpillars we find in there. Those things are voracious.

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