Mid-summer planting

15 Jul

We harvested our carrots, the last of the sugar snap peas (then tore down the vines), and the kale and collards that have basically been serving as caterpillar food (though there were some good leaves left for eating!). Which left us with some space to plant. We put in more carrots where we harvested the carrots, a couple of rows of broccoli (for, if all goes well, a fall harvest), and two kinds of dill in a pot and in the window box from which we harvested the end of our red kale. For posterity’s sake, you can see pics below of what we’ve started.

UPDATE:  For those who might be wondering, the dill is in the pot and the window box along the fence under the herb pockets; we (meaning, expert helper Sadie and I) also moved the three African marigolds, which were getting huge and (my experts — a.k.a., Deb and Fred — tell me) were both shading the other plants and taking nutrients from the soil that might, ahem, be better used by the tomatoes and the eggplants.  Though those flowers are pretty cool looking, or so I think . . .


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