Hill Slides Are Coming to the Play Area Saturday

29 Jul

Just a heads up for those who don’t know about Saturday’s swarm build. A bunch of volunteer parents, led by Rusty Keeler of Earthplay.net, will be installing slides and safety surfacing–and the activity may interfere with gardening for a short stretch of time (to be determined).  Bottom

line:  It won’t be quiet and serene that afternoon!

In case you want to pitch in, here are the details for volunteering:

All volunteers need certificates of insurance in order to participate in Saturday’s build.  Please try to call your insurer Monday—the paperwork is due to the CV office on Thursday and these requests typically take companies 48-hours to complete. “Maybe” volunteers should prepare these documents just in case.  No one can take part without the form.

If you haven’t done this before, please note that it is a very routine procedure and an easy request to submit.  Most insurance companies don’t charge an extra fee, and they can usually find your account without the policy number.

What to do:

1. Call your insurer (the company through which you buy your homeowners or renters insurance) and state that you need an ACORD certificate of insurance.  Ask to have the following companies added to the certificate:

-Concord Village Owners Inc 215 Adams St Brooklyn NY 11201

-AKAM 260 Madison Ave NY NY 10016

-Earthplay 182 Hart Rd 
Spencer, NY  14883

2. Request that the forms be faxed to the CV office to the attention of Frank Nieves via 718-260-9681. Alternatively, they can be emailed to Catherine Woolson at cwoolston@clearharboram.com. All forms should arrive by 5pm on Thursday August 2nd.

3. If possible, shoot me an email when you’ve completed your request. I’d love to be alerted so we will know what to tell the office to look out for—and when. –Denise


One Response to “Hill Slides Are Coming to the Play Area Saturday”

  1. sansley July 30, 2012 at 11:35 AM #

    Thanks Denise for letting everyone know . . . and telling me how to get the certificate. Whenever I’ve rented the community room, I’ve just given the office a copy of my renter’s policy so we’ll see how this goes . . .

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