30 Jul

Thanks to Deb, I’m all about pickling.  We tried her recipe for pickled radishes, brought them out to play area to share with friends . . . and they were gone!  And then we also tried this recipe for pickled shredded kohlrabi, which is great — Warner eats it on its own, but it’s a nice pick-me-up in any sandwich, or could be used on a burger.  I’m not a big fan of radishes or kohlrabi as a general matter, and so when we get them in our CSA, I’ve always been stumped, but NO MORE!

See — our pickled kohlrabi is almost gone! We love this stuff!


One Response to “Pickling!”

  1. wearybee July 30, 2012 at 12:30 PM #

    I love happy endings! Looking forward to trying the kohlrabi recipe. Just used the last of ours in a shredded carrot and kohlrabi salad. This would be even yummier.

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