Qs From The Jamba Juice/National Gardening Association End Of Project Survey

2 Aug

Please start thinking about these questions from the Jamba Juice Award End of Program survey.   I’ll write the essay, but it really helps to have quotes from kids.  Ask the kids and fellow participants about what they like about the garden, how having the garden changed their spring and summer routines, what they would say about their garden in show n tell, etc.

Photos are needed, too.  I’ll bring a release to pizza night sometime soon.  Give me a heads up if you don’t think you’ll want your or your child’s image included.  Thanks!  -Denise


Please indicate whether or not you witnessed any participant improvements in the following characteristics that you would link to your gardening program:

Improvements in:

Scholastic achievement, attitudes toward school, attitude toward environment, attitude toward nutrition, improvements in social skills, improvements in self confidence, improvements in community spirit, improvements in leadership skills, improvements in volunteerism, improvements in motor skills.


Please elaborate on the impact of your gardening program. Be as specific as possible and include quotes from participants if appropriate/available.  For student quotes cite first name and ages of children only:



How many hours per week, on average, were participants involved in gardening activities?


How many total volunteer hours were contributed to your program?



Approximately how much money was spent on your gardening program this year?

Choose one of the following answers 


What was the approximate value of in-kind donations to your garden program such a soil, plants, other garden resources, etc.?


Please describe any obstacles or challenges your garden program faced:

 ESSAY Q:Please provide a description of your garden program, including the size and scope (how many children are directly and indirectly involved), where you are located and what you grow, and any innovative aspects of your program.  In your essay please consider the questions below:Ø    How has your gardening program impacted your students and your community?  What aspects of your program are you most proud of?What are your hopes for the future of your program?How has the grant program donation made a difference at your school?





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