August updates from the garden

20 Aug

So we’re coming up on the end of August and the garden has:

  • lots of Painted Lady butterflies;
  • newly planted (as of tonight!) mixed lettuces (in the small bed we have a variety including oak leaf and mesclun; in the cucumber trellis bed we have arugula and a Chinese variety) . . . also curly leaf kale tucked in between the tomatoes in the small bed;
  • mysteriously ailing tomatoes (what is causing those leaves to brown?) . . . at least we’re still getting some fruit, thanks mostly, I think, to Deb, Allison, and Shari’s tireless work and fertilizing;
  • eggplants growing beautifully (!!), thanks to Deb’s careful tending in her kitchen many months ago when it seemed so unlikely that they would make it;
  • lots of delicious cucumbers (harvest them!);
  • carrots and dill growing slowly, baby broccoli leaves mysteriously eaten but the plants have given up yet, one flowering watermelon vine, chard in full splendor, some remaining beets continuing to grow;
  • herbs (sage, thyme, oregano, mint, lemon balm, lavender and basil) waiting to be harvested;
  • happily harvested beans thanks to Jamba Juice — lots of kids had fun picking them tonight, mostly yellows, but some greens, and purples mostly yet to come;
  • strawberries (do we have a harvest plan for these?  I’m not sure how much longer the kids can hold off eating them . . .); and
  • new slides next to our garden (the link is to a time lapse video of the first chunk of the build — which shows how much digging there was! — the video stopped an hour or so into the build); as of tonight, we planted grass seed planted on the dirt hills surrounding the slide area and mulched with hay (the grass/hay is just a stopgap solution to encourage some minor grass root growth and keep kids from running on the dirt . . . so we minimize erosion until we can get taller grasses planted in September).

Anyone who can get the linked swarm build time lapse video downloaded to post directly here is welcome to do so; my computer wouldn’t let me.  Who knows why?

Let’s make plans for an early September harvest party . . . somebody with an iphone should take and post some pictures of how things look now for posterity.


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