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Monarchs in September

16 Sep

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Thanks to Frank, we have documentation of our monarchs!  They’ve been out and about the garden and butterfly bushes for the past week.  On Monday I think Warner and I saw more than 20 hovering over the butterfly bushes, and flying over to the cucumber and tomato plants.  Just amazing . . .

And has anyone else noticed the tiny watermelons just starting to grow?   We found 2 VERY SMALL ones.  We’ll see if they make it.  They’re hard to find, hiding under what appears to be a squash vine.  We don’t know who planted that vine, but it’s certainly growing, if not producing any flowers or fruit!


What to do with those vegetables.

10 Sep

A bit late for this season, but going forward…looks good:

Happy, healthy eating!

How Our Garden Grew: 2011-2012 End-of-Project Report

9 Sep

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I am happy to report that this National Gardening Association + Jamba Juice report is complete! For our archives, here’s a collection of the photos submitted (10 was the max) along with a PDF version of the survey answers and essay. To read the information submitted, click on this: jamba-juice-_it_s-all-about-the-fruit-and-veggies_-post-gardening-august-15th_-2012-74717   -Denise

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