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Garlic Planting & Garden Winterizing

6 Nov

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 Over the past weekend, a few of us planted garlic in the bed next to the strawberries. Then we added some mulch and secured the soil with hardware wire. Finally, removed the stakes and plants and covered the other beds with tarp or trash bags.  It’s sad to close down the garden, but we had a productive and fun season and I can’t wait to see what we do next!  Stay tuned for details about our 2013 garden planning meeting tentatively scheduled for December.

To learn more about the garlic, which should be ready for the spring, read Got Garlic? Yes!  The Shipment Is In!


From October: Tall Grasses Around the Slides

4 Nov

Some tall grasses: 5 Pink Muhly Grass, 2 Tiger Stripe Grass, 2 Little Kitten Grass, and 1 Thistle Grass (silver). We can add more in the spring . . . and grass seed!

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