Let’s plant some seeds on 2/23!

12 Feb

It’s year three for the garden!  We’re on for a kid-friendly seed planting on Saturday, February 23, from 10-11am in the community room (if the weather is nice we’ll be outside).

Remember 2011 and 2012?

Plan is for anyone who is interested to plant a few seeds in sub-irrigated planters, which can be transplanted into the garden come April!

Shari, Deb, Allison, Denise and I got together to think about what went well over our last two seasons, and we’re thinking slightly less stuff in the beds, and slightly less crowded is the way to go.  To that end, we’re focusing on tomatoes, cucumbers, Asian eggplants, basil, dill, and flowers (we have seeds for asters, sunflowers, four o’clocks, marigolds, cosmos, nasturtiums, wildflowers and morning glory) for our home-grown seedlings.  We have — and are happy to share! — seeds for all of those except the cucumbers (which we don’t have yet); we could use some zinnia seeds, if anyone has them.

We’ll have some 2-liter soda bottles already cut in half from last year, but it’s probably best if you bring another, as well as a small bag of potting soil — feel free to share with a friend.

Assuming we are in the community room and not outside, we have to careful and clean up so we leave the place nicer than we find it for an afternoon reservation — I promised!!


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