Early Sprouts

28 Feb

Its been less than one week since we planted seedlings on February 23rd, and we’re already seeing a lot of green  Ansley and Warner’s tray is booming! “We have sprouts in each of our 16 cells in our sub-irrigated flat — flowers (new zinnias and old asters), heirloom tomatoes, yellow and tricolor cherry tomatoes, basil, cucumbers!  The cucumbers are already looking leggy, they’re so big.”  Over at Casa Maher-Dolan, we’ve got a whole lotta nothin in our tray, but growth in our sub-irrigated tomato and cucumber plants.  How about everyone else?  I’m thinking I may re-plant some herbs this weekend.  -Denise



One Response to “Early Sprouts”

  1. sansley March 1, 2013 at 12:54 PM #

    Dennis says he is gong to work on the cold frame this weekend — and the shade garden tulips are starting to poke out. Spring really is coming! Makes me think of The Secret Garden when Mary and Dickon are full of excitement at the “little green points” coming up . . . I am, too!

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