1st Outdoor Planting Event: 3pm Sunday

4 Apr

May 2011

What:  Planting snap peas, lettuces and root vegetables 
When: Sunday, April 7th, 3pm – 4pm
It’s a little too early to move the tomatoes, cucumbers and other seedlings into the raised beds, Ansley tells me, but we can put seeds for other plants directly into the ground.  (The seedling transfer will happen closer to the end of the month.)  Please join us, especially if you are curious about the garden.  For the past two years, the kids have really enjoyed seeing their seeds grow into fruit-bearing plants –not to mention eating them!

Check out more pictures of last year’s season hereTo get involved or learn more, sign up on cvEarthlab.com to be notified via email when events or blogs are posted. Or, send a specific question to the volunteer team at volunteers@CvEarthLab.com.

In addition, on Saturday, April 6th, a few of us will be cleaning up the garden to prep for the planting and the season start.  We’ll be there from 1:05 pm until 3 pm.  If you’d like to help, just show up and Donna will point you towards a project.

One Response to “1st Outdoor Planting Event: 3pm Sunday”

  1. sansley April 4, 2013 at 11:42 AM #

    Yeah! I’m excited to plant!

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