Garden Plantings Plan

8 Apr


Right now — as of Sunday, April 5 — the “community bed” has snap peas planted at its west end, a space in the middle for cherry tomatoes and basil, then a row of spinach and lots of lettuces.

The smaller bed on the interior corner of the garden (the “cold frame bed”) has a row of Swiss chard, a row of beets, a row of kale, a row of radishes, and a row of carrots.

The bed at the corner alongside the fence and near the gate just has snap pea planted now down the middle. We’ll be planting cucumbers and eggplants later in the season, just like last year!


One Response to “Garden Plantings Plan”

  1. sansley April 8, 2013 at 11:08 PM #

    Thanks for posting this — I boldly went ahead and added what we planted on Sunday, in case people are interested . . . more to come soon!

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