When To Plant: What the Experts Say!

8 Apr

How does one know when exactly to plant seeds to eventually transplant, transplant seedlings, or direct seed outdoors?

Here in NYC, we have some amazing resources.  One of my favorites is New York City’s Grow To Learn Program for school gardens.  Grow To Learn staff are full of useful tips and resources, including the following downloadable calendar of the earliest date to plant seeds and transplant seedlings in the NYC area (as well as when you might expect a crop):  GTL Vegetable and Herb Spring Planting Calendar by Alphabet.

Another — long-time — favorite is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  As  a member of the BBG GreenBridge Community Garden Alliance, the Concord Village Children’s Play Area Garden (aka Concord Village Earthlab) has access to occasional free plants and many informational resources, including the following downloadable chart of planting timelines in the NYC area:  garden planting timelines NY.

The two resources don’t always agree. . . for example, about when to direct seed our chard!  We planted some Swiss chard seeds this past Sunday, so we’ll soon have some firsthand information about how it does in the relative cold.


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