ISO Supplies + Volunteers for Informational Event 5.31

23 May


You’ll be seeing flyers for the upcoming “Get to Know the Garden!” party very soon.  On Friday May 31st, in the evening, CVEarthlab will host an informal gathering for any CV resident (including those who don’t have small children) who is interested in learning about the garden and the communal herb beds/pots we plan to offer.

Of course all CVEarthlab’ers are invited and encouraged to attend — and to pitch in!  Please post a comment if you’d like to volunteer time on Friday the 31st. We’ll need some volunteer grown ups and kids to show off the plantings, raised beds, terraces and our fancy custom-crafted cold frame — or to help with refreshment set up or clean up. Fred is hoping to donate some wine (woot!) but we’ll also need supplies and loaners such as serving glasses (preferably recyclable plastic), fresh fruit, water pitchers and maybe even some upright lawn chairs. I’ll have more specific information early next week, after we get a sense of headcount, but for now, please consider if and how you might want to be part of this event. The party is rain or shine, we’ll be inside the community room if the weather isn’t nice.

I’m pretty excited–it will be nice to present such a positive project to the community! Thanks so much!  -Denise


One Response to “ISO Supplies + Volunteers for Informational Event 5.31”

  1. sansley May 23, 2013 at 11:37 PM #

    So exciting! he radishes and lettuces will be ready for harvest. I’ll make open-faced, thinly sliced radish “toasts” and will think of something to do with the baby lettuces that is somewhat finger-friendly . . .

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