Some donations…

8 Jun

While I was a Lowe’s today, I piphoto(1)cked up a few things to donate to the garden and play area:

1. One bag of mulch  I spread the chips around the bottom of the slide for safety surfacing. Note RE bag: It cost less than $4. and since I don’t own car, I figured it was cheaper and easier than schlepping out to Green Wood cemetery for free wood much.  That said, I’m happy to lend a hand if/when anyone else goes on a run.

2. Burlap netting (AS: Will this work to protect plants from critters?)

3. Three (3) Coleman Citronella Lantern Candles (These were on sale and I figured we could safely hang them out of kids reach…thoughts?)

4. Cilantro plant

5. Gardening gloves



One Response to “Some donations…”

  1. sansley June 8, 2013 at 6:31 PM #

    I’m excited to check out the burlap netting — thanks! I bet it will work. The rain has been great for keeping cats out of the raised beds for the past couple of nights.

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