Caterpillars growing and planting squash!

28 Jun
Caterpillars on June 27, 2013

Caterpillars on June 27, 2013

Our caterpillars have molted and are getting much bigger — we saw about seven, maybe eight (I can’t remember), when we looked last night.

Jaydon, Warner, Sadie, Rachel, and Audrey and I also planted some winter squash in the garlic bed.  We planted 4 “hills” of 3-5 squash seeds each.  The plan is to thin to the two strongest plants in each hill after they start growing.  We planted one hill each of Waltham Butternut (organic), Burgess Buttercup (Hudson Valley Seed Library), Howden Pumpkin (Seeds of Change and organic), Zepplin Delicata Squash (organic).

We planted mostly where we’d already harvested the garlic, but one we did plant one of our four squash “hills” up at the top end of the bed in a place that I thought would be safe and would allow us to harvest the remaining garlic (I marked the space where we planted with one of the vegetable supports).

The pumpkin seed packet (the oldest seeds we tried) said the seeds should germinate within 3-7 days, so I’m hoping we’ll start seeing squash seedlings soon!


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