Mulch Slide!

13 Sep

photo(2) Last night’s rain storm swept away a lot of our mulch in the garden and around the play equipment.  We need more mulch, especially at the bottom of the slide and near the climbing wall in order to maintain the safety surfacing. I raked up what I could.

Anyone up for a mulch run this weekend? I picked up a couple bags in August, the last time I had a Zipcar, but we need more.

I noticed that the nearby drain in the parking lot was clogged, also from storm debris, and reported it to the 195 doorman. A lot of leaves and branches came down, too.

photo(3)Let’s keep an eye on the drain, I’m not sure the maintenance team clears it regularly. And since it contributes to the run off water that goes into the garden, it must factor in to the heavy metals and other pollutants that end up in our soil.  I would love to see the area between the fence and the parking lot improved to address this!



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