Can You Spy the Butterfly?

6 Jun
Look in the upper lefthand corner--I think it's an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail!

Look in the upper lefthand corner–I think it’s an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail!


Such excitement this afternoon! I spotted this butterfly around 1230pm Friday afternoon, while I was walking from the play area toward Adams Street. My smartphone photos aren’t great, but upon inspection, I think this is an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. Thoughts?


As we’ve seen firsthand, these and other butterflies like to lay eggs on host plants like our carrot, fennel, and dill so the newly hatched caterpillars have food to eat. (Before they start their transformation into pupae/ crysalis. )

I’m so happy to see all the growth in the garden, and the results of some of the Joe Pye, Goldenrod, Aster and other butterfly nectar and butterfly host plants we’ve planted.  I hope to be able to label them all (along with images of the butterflies they support) in time for the garden fundraiser party on June 21st.   –Denise

The butterfly isn't squashed, she's just got her wings extended in flight over the sidewalk behind 215 Adams.

The butterfly isn’t squashed, she’s just got her wings extended in flight over the sidewalk behind 215 Adams.


3 Responses to “Can You Spy the Butterfly?”

  1. Anonymous June 6, 2014 at 2:51 PM #

    Fantastic! We can celebrate their return at the party. Maybe something with a butterfly theme?

    • alternahealthgrrrl June 6, 2014 at 3:09 PM #

      Fun! There are some very cool butterfly finger puppets that might make a nice prize?!?!


  1. Spotted: Butterfly On CFring! | Concord Village EarthLab - May 29, 2016

    […] on the path in between 195 Adams and 215 Adams Streets. It’s the same area I’ve seen early season butterflies for the last couple seasons.  Keep your eyes peeled for caterpillars! […]

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