Rudbeckia hirta L.

14 Jun


Various types of Rudbeckia are called black-eyed Susans. Rudbeckia is a perennial native plant that is considered to be one of the 20 most valuable plants in terms of supporting biodiversity in our region. It supports 17 Lepidoptera, or insects such as butterflies, moths and skippers.

I suspect the nectar of the flowers is what interests the insects. I’m not positive, but I believe the actual plant that I bought in the Greenmarket in early June, then transplanted outside the edible garden, near the shed, is Rudbeckia hirta L. (Please feel free to comment if you think I am wrong–even half wrong:)  Without a doubt, the Rudbeckia plant genus is a very valuable addition to the wildlife in our backyard. –Denise

Learn more via this source list: University of Delaware Botanic Gardens (; ;








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