Gourd Birdhouse

29 Jun


Have you seen the apple-shaped birdhouse hanging from the tree near the picnic tables? It’s a birdhouse hand-crafted from a gourd, by Linda, seen in this photo with Benji and her product. We met Linda and her wares at a farmers’ market in Berlin, Maryland this weekend while we were visiting my parents.

According to Linda, who grows, cleans, dries, stains and seals each gourd herself, the hole is just the right size for song birds, but too small for much else…I don’t know much about birdhouses but I thought this was both cute and cool. Any concerns? Questions? Deb says the hole placement may be problematic as it can collect rain water…I’m not too sure but will defer to the group. –Denise




One Response to “Gourd Birdhouse”

  1. sansley July 1, 2014 at 11:35 PM #

    I’m excited to see if we get any birds; I’d really like to find good ways to bring more, and more varied, birds into our space!

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