Cucumbers Seeds and Backyard Poetry

2 Jul

It’s a little late (the cucumber seeds should have gone in in June), but a cool-ish spring/early summer means that the snap peas are only now starting to die (you can see them turning brown up from the bottom), so I’m hoping it will be good timing for the cucumbers to come up and take over the trellises when we’re ready to pull off the remains of the snap peas. Thanks to Warner and Frankie for helping plant!cucmber seeds big

And, given the Warner did help with the seed planting, I’m thinking this is as good a time as any to post a poem he wrote as part of a writing workshop at school about our communal backyard/children’s play area (which houses our garden):

The Backyard, by Warner (9 yrs old)

Everyone joins me. I run, I jump.
We play long and short.
We play a game. It’s fun.

We play together. Hide and seek.
Tug and more. Boom! I fell.
My friends help me. I’m happy.

Everyone goes inside. I stay out.
It’s night time. I look up into the
dark, purple sky.
It greets me. I had a great time.

We share the backyard.
It’s mine and everyone’s.
The backyard.

* * * * * *
Let’s just say I like this one more than “Ode to my TV”.


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