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Fall Planting Results

23 Aug

So I failed to plant anything before the 15th –just ran out of time! Poll results were pretty even — including some offline entries, mustard greens, beets, and lettuce/arugula seem to be winners. I was planning to try to plant all of those when we’re back in town September 2d, even though it’s a little late, and hope the cover we have for that bed can be successfully re-installed and extend our season by a few weeks. It’s always an experiment. Unless someone else has already done it, we’ll probably also pull out the petunias in the hanging pockets and replace with greens of some sort for the fall. Want to help or harvest/plant on (or before!) the 2d? Just let me know in the comments section — we’d welcome some new planters, if you’re interested!


Vote! What Should We Plant This Week?

11 Aug

NYC Planting Calendar pic

It’s time to harvest the rest of our lettuce and carrots from the smaller northeast corner bed (it’s finally hot enough that the lettuces are bolting) and plant something new. Click on the pic above to see the full NYC Urban Planting Calendar! You can vote more than once, but let’s be fair: if you do vote multiple times, let us know in the comment section!

We’ll tally the votes no later than Wednesday so we can plant this week!


Monarch Alert!

10 Aug

Benji, Mike and I saw this Monarch butterfly this evening around 7:30pm in the garden.  I think he tried to fly into Warner & Audrey’s kitchen window! –Denise


What’s In Our Butterfly Garden: August ’14 Edition

6 Aug

Danaus plexippusWhile some of the butterfly plants that were planted this year we not successful, we’ve still got many butterfly host and nectar plants, in addition to our butterfly bushes, that are thriving. These include:

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