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The Curious Case of the Mint, Sage + Rosemary

13 Apr

Did anyone happen to remove the sage, mint and rosemary plants in three pots near the shed? We’re trying to figure out what happened to them. It looks like they were deliberately emptied and then soil was spread (fairly neatly) over the ground.
These perennial plants have been with since the beginning– they had overwintered for several years. Please email if you saw what happened or have an inkling of what might have befallen the herbs.  It doesn’t look like small children did it; unless perhaps an adult cleaned up after them? Or someone thought the plants were dead and decided to throw them out?

It appears this happened at the end of last week, before this weekend. We’re looking to prevent this type of mishap from happening in the future by investigating all possibilities before we assume the landscapers did it. Thank you for any input!



Planting + Garden Prep Event Sunday 3pm

11 Apr

Join us this Sunday, in the CVearthlab garden, inside the children’s playarea behind 195 Adams, to transplant seedlings and prep the beds for more spring plantings.  All residents –with and without small children– are most welcome.  We will start at 3pm and will be direct planting as well as transplanting some of the seedlings from February’s workshop.


We’re focusing on organic, non-GMO plants and pollinator-friendly materials. To that end, we aim to transplant organic, non-GMO plants into the CVEarthlab garden and to avoid use of chemical pesticides.

Will you join CVEarthlab for the new season? All CV residents are welcome to become members of the 2015 communal garden. We ask members to donate $25. and 3 bags of mulch (per household), plus contribute time and muscle watering, tending and maintaining the space over the course of the season. Checks can be made out to CVOI.  Learn more here.



Nightcrawler Fever

4 Apr

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