A little more grass by the slides!

6 May

new slide grass

A couple of years back, parents got together and installed our in-ground slide in a “swarm build.” See a slide show of the event! Wear and tear — both from kids’ feet and hillside slope and gravity make keeping grass and soil by the edges of the slide a little challenging. We put down a little more topsoil, added some grass seeds, and threw on some straw mulch this morning — both to make it look better and to help make sure the slide stays stable.

It will be a challenge, but if kids can be convinced to not take the fastest route up, and instead use the wood chip mulch path off to the east of the slides, that will help our grass grow. Fingers crossed!


One Response to “A little more grass by the slides!”


  1. Play Area Slide Is NOT Closed | Concord Village EarthLab - April 30, 2016

    […] These large grasses help anchor the slide into place.  See more about the slide installation and slide maintenance here. […]

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