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Want to Transplant Seedlings This Weekend?

30 Jul

I may be getting some extra kale, lettuce and/or basil seedlings from Gotham Greens hydroponic farm tomorrow. The cool little plants would need to be transplanted into the CVEarthlab garden Friday or Saturday. (They won’t survive more than 24-48 hrs) Post a comment or email me if your little gardeners will be here and you’d like them to have the opportunity to transplant– I just need to know how many seedlings you’ll need. Max = 2 per child.  Thanks!  -Denise


Where Have All The Caterpillars Gone?

27 Jul

There aren’t any left. Sniff sniff.
I wonder if the community bed is a bad spot for the host plants? I’ve seen butterflies near the nice sunny spot, but also lots of insects–and birds. Maybe they’re sitting ducks out there? Next time, I’ll move them all into the play area dill patch…


A Moth Sighting

25 Jul


I spied this guy in the shade garden. When I checked the pupa, it was opened

and abandoned. Maybe this is the moth that it held?  I’m working on an identification…Thought it might be some sort of Spinx moth based on the caterpillar but I still can’t pinpoint it.


A Pocketful of Peppermint

25 Jul


More Caterpillars!

25 Jul

We found several, in a variety of stages, on the dill in the community bed. I moved a couple over to the dill plants near the butterfly bush. (where we found rainbow earlier this summer)
Attaching, also, a big guy I found a few days ago. Appears to be some kind of moth…




Watering Help Needed!

21 Jul

The watering schedule has no volunteers for the rest of the month, and it looks like no one watered during the last couple days of this heat wave. Please consider making a commitment to water!
To sign yourself up, go to
For a “refresher” on best watering practices, check out these guidelines.

Thanks in advance from the plants!

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