Caterpillar In Crysalis on Fence

12 Sep

Very cool!



One Response to “Caterpillar In Crysalis on Fence”

  1. Judith Shea September 13, 2015 at 9:33 AM #

    Took twins & 4 other toddlers out back to see our Fall guest who is resting in our garden. Due to my time with committment to be with twins late afternoon & evening only thing I join officially is the garden club here at Concord Village lots of fresh herbs & greens.

    Yes enjoyed women’s champion… Good idea to share the wealth! But maybe not these country club Italian ladies!

    Have a great day now that Mid West is cooling off. Chris road bike to Ludington to camping with Co housers & a newly must needed paved Montague trail.

    I have not done much biking here except to. & from Bridget’s & a trail to Williamsburg.

    Take care!



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