Garden Workday Sun Nov 1st 11:30am-1:30pm

25 Oct

The clocks turn back on Sunday morning.It’s also time to close the garden for the cold weather season. We winterize the garden on Sunday November 1st from 11:30am to 1:30pm. Join us!

Skip the gym and sweat outside.We’ll empty pots, pull up annuals, mix compost into the raised beds and put down mulch to protect the roots of the perennials. (Good time to claim pots, too. Ceramics will crack in the cold.) You’ll need garden gloves or work gloves, as well as sturdy shoes and clothes that you can get dirty.RSVP to Thank you!  –Core Garden Group

PS: We’re still collecting for the annual garden fundraiser through the end of October.We invite all CV residents who enjoy the community vegetable & herb garden to contribute before October 31, 2015. If you’d like to see a community bed again in the spring, please support the garden with a $10. donation. Expensive materials such as soil and compost need to be replenished often; every dollar really counts. Leave cash or checks (made out to CVOI) with the office in 215 Adams or with Deb Van Wetering’s doorman (225 Adams), please. Reminder: Garden members are asked to contribute 3 bags of mulch/wood chips, which help the soil but also acts as child safety surfacing. Pick up free wood chips from Greenwood Cemetery or buy bagged wood chips from Bruno’s (on Court St.) or Lowes and have them delivered. While we hope that management will bring in a wood chipper after Christmas for a CV mulch fest, ground cover is needed year round. Thank you.

Communal peppermint

Dwarf sunflowers arrived in early August.

Dwarf sunflowers arrived in early August.

Caterpillar on dill

















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