And the Winner Is….

9 Jan

Peter Duffy, dad to Nora, who guessed the closest number to the actual tree count.

Congratulations Peter!  A total of 60 trees were mulched onsite today as part of CV MulchFest. Peter guessed we’d get 70 trees, so he is the lucky winner of a large jar of local honey from the farmer’s market.  Thanks to all who participated in the contest and in the tree drive!

Two large wood chip piles are behind 195 Adams, next to the play area fence, between the substation and the entrance to the play area. Parents and others interested in using the mulch for safety surfacing: Please help move the mulch into the play area. There are two shovels and a rake on top of the raised bed near the garden shed.  If a few people grab a shovel and sling some over the fence today, we can spread it out later. Too much is never enough, don’t hesitate to move the remaining mulch. Thanks! -Denise

Click here for more photos & video.

mulching Jan 9 2015

mulching Jan 9 2015


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