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Perennial Plantings Sat 4.30

30 Apr



Echinacea along fence near shed.



Facing the long border fence, from left: Coral bells, viola, bee balm, viola, lavender, viola.

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Play Area Slide Is NOT Closed

30 Apr

IMG_7763 The slide is open for use, but we’ve taped off the areas on the sides where we’ve transplanted maiden grasses.

These large grasses help anchor the slide into place.  See more about the slide installation and slide maintenance here.


Thank you.



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Little Cans For Small Hands

28 Apr

IMG_7746Watering season is almost upon us! We’ve moved the kids’ watering cans out of the shed for easy access. Children are welcome to water the flowers and plants in the ground along the play area fence, the Jay St fence or the short border fence at any time. Traditionally, we observe the rule that only grownups are allowed to use the hose, turn on/or spray the water. That said, we encourage adults to fill up watering cans for their little cvEarthLab2of9guys.

If you’re new to the play area, know that we keep sharp tools, soaps and basic chemicals locked in the shed, away from the kids. But the garden is not childproof; there are trip hazards, wood splinters, sharp corners and hardware wire edges around the beds.Please supervise children inside the garden space, or block the entrances with chairs or logs to prevent them from hurting themselves or the seedlings. Its tempting to pull up sprouts from the raised beds, but it will be cvEarthLab1of9.lpgmuch more satisfying once the veg are full grown! (See what’s planned here.)  If you have an idea about how we can make it easier for your child to co-exist with the baby plants, email us, please, at Once the season is in full swing, we’ll highlight the sensory garden pots that contain mint, cinnamon basil, lemon verbena and other fun to smell, taste and touch herbs.


It’s almost time for the 2nd Annual Pollinator Appreciation Party! Mark your calendars for Friday May 13th at 6:30pm. We’ll have more planting activities in the coming weeks, and a watering schedule for the vegetable beds will be posted soon. Stay in the loop by signing up for email notifications on Thanks!

–Ansley, Deb, Denise, Sandy, Shari & Alison, The Core Garden Team


Spring Planting Potatoes, Flowers & Lettuce

18 Apr

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Save the Date: 5.13 Fri 6:30pm Pollinator Party

18 Apr

Mark your calendars!  We’ll hold our 2nd Annual Pollinator Appreciation Party on Friday May 13th at 630pm. Join us for light refreshments, garden tours and butterfly love!

Learn more about membership (and operational costs) at Thank you. (1)

Planting Sunday 4.17 at 1:30pm

16 Apr

We’re going to plant seed potatoes, lettuces and other edibles Sunday afternoon at 1:30pm. All are welcome, but the specific planting agenda is still TBD.
Many who attended our sub-irrigated planter workshop have asked about the timeframe for transplanting. It’s too early to do most of the plants and flowers just yet…But we’re working on scheduling some future planting dates in early May. If you have questions about your actual plant send a photo or email to If you are concerned because you are going away for spring break and need a plant caregiver, post a comment. There are likely other gardeners in your building who may be able to host your planter. Thanks!

Why, Hello There!

15 Apr

There’s a lot of life peeping out…

Name that Plant!

12 Apr

There are a couple of perennials flourishing… but I’m not sure what they are. Very likely that I planted them in the fall… Any guesses?

Hoping the plant next to the fence by the substation (shown here is top two images) is bee balm/ wild bergamot/ Monarda fistulosa or another type, such as Eastern bee balm. The other one, which is located near the day lilies around the corner from the persimmon, is a mystery.  -Denise

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