Rats: Everything You Never Wanted To Know

29 Jul

If you aren’t in the parking lots, play area or dog run after dark, you may not realize the severity of the local rat problem. As an FYI, these are some of the best resources I have found.

  1. Health department inspection data is easily found on the Rat Information Portal (RIP). Type in an address and see where the problems have been flagged.
  2. Managing Rats In Urban Gardens is an informative article that dispels myths about cats while outlining effective prevention and control methods.
  3. Learn how to spot the signs that they’re near: Read these simple tips, them submit sightings or signs of digging, holes, droppings or gnaw marks each and every time you see one. Quick and easy ways are via RIP/311 online or the free 311 app.

Thanks.  -Denise


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