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Thank you!

26 Sep

Many thanks to the residents who came out Saturday for our Annual Fall Harvest Fundraiser Potluck!  Your continued generosity, interest and overall support means so much! All of our plants, pollinators, flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruits would not be a part of CV without you! We are thankful for a bountiful season and we are glad we could share it with you.

Alison, Ansley, Deb, Denise, Judith, Sandy & Shari
The Core CVEarthlab Group



Grab CV-Grown Garlic For the Potluck!

23 Sep

We’re celebrating the CV communal garden Saturday, and we hope you will prepare something for the potluck! All residents are invited and are welcome to use garden herbs for their contribution.

There’s CV-grown garlic pinned to a poster in the 175 Adams laundry room, and I’ll be putting more outside the play, near the communal herb bed, this evening.

To RSVP,   send a note to or post a comment below!


Thank you for considering coming to (and cooking for) the CVEarthlab Fall Fundraiser + Potluck Party Sat 9.24 at 5pm in the play area next to 230 Jay Street. Learn more here.


Get cookin!

Annual Fall Harvest Fundraiser Potluck – Sat 9/24 @ 5pm

19 Sep

Join your neighbors for the Annual Fall Harvest Fundraiser Potluck on Saturday September 24 at 5pm in the CV Earthlab Community Garden next to 230 Jay St (in the children’s play area). We will celebrate the harvest and the end of a successful season with garden-inspired dishes and start to fuel the next season. Guests are invited to bring a savory dish to share and a suggested donation of $10 per person. CVEarthlab members: Please bring annual dues (if you didn’t pay at the Pollinator Party in May) along with a dish.

All residents are invited and are welcome to use garden herbs and garlic for their contribution. To RSVP (requested by Fri 9/23), send a note to or post a comment below!

A community garden needs everyone’s commitment to keep it going strong! Most of the garden costs relate to replenishing and maintaining safe soil. Learn more about where the money goes, as well as other donations and help needed on a regular basis, here.  (


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