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Thanks to all– kids and grown ups- who came out to plant yesterday. Sugar snap peas, snow peas and shelling peas were planted, along with beneficial insect supporting flowers. Watch for growth!

24 Apr

Plant Peas + Wildflowers With Us!

22 Apr

seedpacketspeasYou’re Invited!  Join CVEarthlab garden members at 3pm on Sunday April 23 in the educational garden behind 195 Adams St (inside the Children’s Play Area). We will direct sow into soil planting sugar snap peas and shelling peas. Children will invited to broadcast wildflowers for beneficial insects, such as pollinators like bumble bees and butterflies as well as ladybugs and other species that eat aphids and other destructive bugs.  RSVPs to will be appreciated.  All are welcome!

Read about the seeds we’ll broadcast on Fedco Seed’s website:

Beneficials Flower Mix OG Frank Morton teaches that “when you increase the diversity of an ecosystem you enhance its ability to maintain itself and to resist perturbation.” One way to attract and maintain a diverse population of beneficial insects and pollinators is to sow this mix of annuals, biennials and perennials. Instead of resorting to toxic sprays, invite hover flies, ladybugs, lacewings, parasitic wasps, tachnids, spiders, minute pirate bugs, damsel flies and big-eyed bugs and let them devour the “bad” bugs! Something in the mix will be blooming from spring through fall.

Addressing concern over neonicotinoids and their deleterious effects on pollinators, we have redesigned our beneficials mix to contain only organic seed, ensuring that no neonicotinoids were used in seed prep, plant growth or after-harvest treatment. Consisting of anise hyssop, bee balm, borage, calendula, california poppy, cilantro, dill, fennel, mustard, parsley and phacelia, this mix will be sure to please a diverse abundance of insect helpers.

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What’s Blooming Now: Earth Day 2017

22 Apr

Sun April 23rd, 3pm: Save the Date For Planting

16 Apr

Gardeners will be broadcasting wildflower seeds, planting sugar snap peas and more in the CVEarthlab community garden inside the Children’s play area behind 195 Adams St. All are welcome!

More details to come. RSVPs appreciated; a note to will help us plan. Thank you!

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Upcoming April Gardening Activities

10 Apr

Early planting season is upon us!  Stay tuned for news regarding scheduled April dates and times to plant sugar snap pea, till soil and harvest worms, broadcast wildflower seeds and more!

Here’s a rough schedule.  Watch this space (or sign up for email notifications on if you haven’t already) for more specifics:

Week of April 16:  Soil Tilling, Raised Bed Prep, Worm Harvesting

Day/ Eve btwn Thurs April 20-Sun Ap 23:  Sugar Snap Pea planting (direct sow seeds into raised bed soil)

Late April/ Early May: Sunflower seed planting/ Wildflower seed broadcasting



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