Burn calories! Build community! Get dirty! 1:30pm TODAY

12 Nov

Join us to winterize the garden on TODAY! We’ll clean up and close up the raised vegetable beds and containers to prep the space for winter.  We will also be planting garlic to harvest next summer!  All pots that remain will be removed as well.

Please harvest herbs this week in preparation for winterizing!

Time: 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Date: Sunday 11.12

You’ll need garden gloves or work glovesas well as sturdy shoes and clothes that you can get dirty. RSVP by commenting to this post to cvearthlab@gmail.com. There will be kid-friendly tasks, such as pulling weeds and planting garlic–but any child who attends should be supervised, as there will be hardware wire, clippers, and other sharp objects around.

Thanks! —Shari, Ansley, Judith, Sandy + Denise CVEarthlab’s core group



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