Who Can Move Mulch?

2 Jan

Anyone who can rake leaves, dig a hole, or shovel snow can move mulch.  For many people, it is easy work — especially when it’s done with a team. Join us Saturday Jan 13th at 11:15am in the parking lot for MulchFest!

What Exactly Do Volunteers Need to Do?

On Saturday around 11am, immediately after the trees are ground up, the mulch pile will be moved from the parking lot behind 195 Adams to the slide where it can act as safety surfacing and help improve the soil. The chipper cannot operate inside the play area, so volunteers must move the wood chips manually. We will use shovels, wheel barrows, and (if there are enough people) tarps to make for easier lifting. The actual work will take no longer than 25-30 minutes with a team of 5 or more; it will take much longer without more help. Plus, it is easier to plan with a headcount; thank you for committing in advance and signing up here.


Connor shows his dad, Rich, how its done: CV MulchFest 2017.

Special Guest Helpers Are Welcome!

The mulch-moving work will be supervised and led by adults, but we invite big kids ( who can come with a parent/guardian) to help. Stephen Woolston, age 13, will work alongside his parents. Can you bring your big kid? Depending on the child, 3rd/4th graders and older should make good candidates. (Parents: Enter your name along with your child’s in one volunteer spot on the sign up form.)

Want to Do More Than Just Move Mulch?

You can donate your tree, enter the exclusive CV MulchFest Sweepstakes, eat fresh donuts, and sip hot cider. See 6 Ways to Participate In CV MulchFest 

Why Bother With Mulch, Anyway?

Read an essay by Warner + Audrey’s mom, Ansley, on why she loves mulch.

by Denise Maher


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