How Many Trees Will CV Recycle At MulchFest?

11 Jan

Trees collected as of Thurs 1.11, 2pm

MulchFest approaches! On Saturday January 13th a wood chipper will be on site to mulch all the CV trees.  But how many will we have? As of Thursday afternoon, these trees await the wood chipper in the play area.  But more may be hiding in compactor rooms as well as apartments.

We’re holding a contest… to see who can make the best guess on how many total trees we will have to mulch?

During MulchFest 2016, when Nora’s dad won the contest, we mulched 60 trees.  For MulchFest 2017, there were significantly fewer…around 30.  What will 2018 bring?

Enter Now!

CV residents of all ages are encouraged to apply.  No limit per household, so more than one child in a family can enter to win a prize. Send your entry with the resident’s name, email address, phone number and age of resident guesser to by 8pm on Friday January 12th.

Shovelers Needed, Doughnuts + Hot Cider Up for Grabs

Volunteers are especially needed to move mulch en mass from the parking lot to the play area Saturday from roughly 1130 am to 1230 pm. We’ll get started as soon as there’s a pile to work from!  Please sign up here, 20 minutes of your time will be appreciated.

The more trees, the merrier for the soil and the kids. Mulch is a valuable and sustainable resource for ground cover that protects soil, helps reduces runoffand suppresses weeds. Plus, mulch is the primary safety surfacing for the play area play ground and protects against potentially fatal head injury from falls.  The more mulch we generate now, the less we’ll need to source later this year for safety surfacing.




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