MulchFest Congratulations!

15 Jan

Forty-five holiday trees were turned into wood chips during CV’s 2018 MulchFest. The Guess How Many Trees? contest winners are:

  • Ed Woolston, who guessed 45 trees on the nose!
  • In the under age 18 category, Samuel Kwon-Cook, 5, who guessed 50.

Congratulations Ed and Samuel!  Jars of local honey will be left with your door people.

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More Positive Results from MulchFest 2018

We are all winners because we have a fresh layer of pine mulch to serve as safety surfacing in the children’s play area, plus extra maple tree wood chips (from chipper folks) to act as ground cover across the space. Besides cushioning children in the fall zones, the chipped organics will help absorb water from rain and reduce puddling, help slow erosion, and help improve soil quality by holding moisture and hosting earth worms.

More than 60 CV residents, of all ages, turned out to help move mulch, donate trees, watch the chomping, serve and enjoy cider and donuts. Some 6 dozen apple cider donuts, plus a couple gallons of cider and coffee were consumed. With comprehensive sorting, waste was minimized; food scraps, compostable cups, and soiled paper went into the brown bin  — and over 45 Christmas trees were diverted from landfill!

Thank You!

Thanks to the help and the organization by CV management and the supers, who worked with the chipper guys to maneuver the machine close enough to the fence to allow it to spray chipped pieces directly onto the slide/climbing wall area. Thanks to all the resident volunteers, we worked efficiently and finished the job in under 3 hours.

Over the next two months, rain and snow will help breakdown the tree material. It will be softer — yet still plentiful, hopefully, — by spring time.  Thanks to everyone who helped make MulchFest a success, including the CV staffers who assisted, the BOD who supported it, and the volunteer groups who sponsored it: the Children’s Committee, the Garden Committee and the Recycling + Sustainability Committee.


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