Did You RSVP for the Gardening Event Tomorrow?

7 Mar

The Seed-Starting Workshop is on for this Thursday evening! Join us in the community room at 230 Jay Street, from 5:30 to 7:30pm.

Please send an email message to CVearthlab@gmail.com if you plan to attend (or even hope to attend). It’s helpful to know how many gardeners to expect!

Bring empty plastic bottles and organic potting soil. We’ll provide seeds and help you create self-watering planters to start tomato, pepper, and other plants inside.

Join CVEarthlab for 2018

All CV residents — with or without small children — are welcome to come and start seeds for the 2018 growing season. CVEarthlab is a community and an educational garden located in the play area behind 195 Adams Street. Together, members grow vegetables, herbs, and other edibles as well as flowers that attract butterflies, bees, and other pollinators. All upkeep, including watering, organic pest management, soil, and other maintenance is the responsibility of the volunteers.  Suggested annual membership dues are $25. per family.  Learn more about soil replenishment and other basic expenses here.

It’s Going To Be A Great Growing Year!

We encourage members to join and pay dues at the season’s start. While herbs grown in the standing raised beds (outside the play area and near the back entrances to 270 Jay and 225 Adams Sts) are available to CV residents at no-charge, we happily accept donations to help cover organic soil costs.

Follow the garden club news by signing up for email notifications at CVEarthlab.com

We will transplant the tomatoes, peppers, and flowers into the shared garden space in mid-May.



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