Today’s 2:30 Weed Hunt + Toss Still On!

15 Apr

The rain has held off, and the Wunderground forecast says there’s only a 15% of precipitation during the 2:30pm to 3pm weeding event, so we’re going for it!

2:30- 3pm Today In the Play Area:  Weed Hunt, Pull + Toss (with prizes!!!)  Teams will flag weeds, we’ll pull true weeds, observe the worms! and then toss the organic material into a brown bin.  Challenge yourself to get a 3-pointer!

Hope to see you out in the play area at 2:30pm, or even sooner at CV Earth Day Fest, which starts at 1pm in the community room. Come by to do participatory voting (open to ages 11+) upcycle electronics, cell phones, play games and win prizes between 1pm and 4pm.

Thanks!  -Denise, Mike + Benji


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