Watering Wednesdays: Photos from May 2nd; Notes for May 9th

6 May

Thanks to the residents who came to the garden last week for the first of our Wednesdays in May gardening session series!  Junior gardeners did a lot of watering work to help relieve the new flowers and herbs during the hot spell.

A Warm and Productive Evening

We made progress putting up trellises, transplanting, thinning lettuce and other early crops. Weather permitting, we’ll be outside again this coming Wednesday from 5:30pm until about 7pm. Come by with your kids, your questions, or your annual dues. All residents — with and without small children — are welcome, and very interested ones are encouraged to join the garden committee for the 2018 season. The suggested annual donation ($25 per family or $10 per individual)  helps cover the cost of soil and other materials.

Garden Committee Membership

Located inside the Children’s Play Area behind 195 Adams Street, CVEarthlab is a volunteer-led, self-funded communal and child-friendly garden. We offer opportunities for adults and children to learn about their environment and the plants and animals that inhabit it with them; to grow and enjoy fresh produce; and to share meals, knowledge and experiences with neighbors with a wide variety of backgrounds in gardening.   Send RSVPs and questions to CVEarthlab@gmail.com   Thank you.  -Judith, Shari, Sandy, and Denise, Core Members


2 Responses to “Watering Wednesdays: Photos from May 2nd; Notes for May 9th”


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