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CV Flowers, End of July 2018

30 Jul


Can you water the garden this week?

28 Jul

The rain is ending and the garden’s watering schedule has too many openings! Please help if you can… Opportunities exist over the next week, including Monday 7/30 and Tuesday, 7/31.

Sign up here.  Find more detailed instructions on  New + Improved Watering Schedule  or Garden Watering Guidelines .

Many thanks!

Beet Harvest, Bean Planting Scenes

28 Jul

Plant with us tomorrow, 7/28 @ 10:30am

27 Jul

After the rain ends tonight, we will be in the garden tomorrow morning on Saturday 7/28 to plant bush beans and maybe some collard greens! We will be out there from 10:30am to 11am so stop by anytime, all ages are welcome!

Thank you for bringing compost for the garden!

23 Jul

Thanks to Monica, Bettina, Alice, Ryan, and several anonymous compost donors for hauling back compost from the market for us – in total over 50lbs of it! It really is like black gold and will be very beneficial to the whole garden. Heartfelt thanks!!

Weed or What?

22 Jul

Any ideas on what this is? Thanks!

Compost giveaway at Borough Hall Greenmarket Thur 7.19 and Sat 7.21

18 Jul

There is scheduled to be a first come, first served, while supplies last bring your own container compost giveback event at BK Borough Hall Greenmarket tomorrow (8am-2pm) and Sat, 7.21 from 8am-4pm (again, while supplies last).  Look for the orange tent, GrowNYC’s Sustainability Center.  More info here.

Finished compost is like black gold for your houseplants as well as the garden!!  If you are so inclined, please grab a container and pick up some for the CV Earthlab garden – we would very much appreciate it.  There will be an orange bag hanging on the fence near the garden hose that you can leave the compost in, or you can leave for Shari Rueckl in 195 Adams.  Many thanks in advance!


Photo from

What is growing in the garden? Lots of things!

17 Jul

The hot, sunny days have helped start our cucumbers and move other things to harvest stage! There are herbs in the raised beds outside of the play area fence towards 195 Adams St and near 270 Jay St for all residents to take anytime. Want to get involved? Email us at

Swiss chard

A ripe red tomato (hopefully it was shared!)

Yellow pear tomatoes

Ground cherries are coming!

Cucumbers are sprouting

And more cucumbers!

Squash blossoms, too!

Plant cucumbers tomorrow, 7/8, 10am + sign up to water the garden

7 Jul

It’s time for remaining peas to be harvested, vines composted, and cucumbers (and maybe some trailing  nasturtiums) to be planted!  Join us tomorrow, Sunday July 8th at 10am.



A reminder we can always use help watering – check out the watering schedule and sign up!   For more info, go to  New + Improved Watering Schedule  or Garden Watering Guidelines 

Garden committee members: Pls cut flower / scape to harvest and use. There are 6 available

7 Jul
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