Postponed: Gardening Questions Session

1 May

No gardening activities today. It’s too cold to transplant or harden off seedlings, or meet outside, so we’ll hold off until Wed May 8th.

Join Us at 6pm Wednesday May 8th For Gardening Info and Activities

On May 8th, from 6pm to 7pm, ee will host the first “Wednesdays in May”  , when core committee members demo watering and other garden tasks, answer questions about hardening off and transplanting seedlings, and share general information about garden membership.

In the meantime, please check out the  watering schedule for May.  Sign up for an evening or two!  We will show you how to use the hose and what is required for this quick but important task on May 8th, 15th or 22nd.

You can see photos from May 2018 activities here.



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