Last Call for Tomato Seedlings, Transplant Plans

23 May


It is time to account for all the seedlings started indoors.  We must finalize the raised bed plans and arrange to complete transplanting by early June.

Unforeseen conflicts have arisen and it is imperative to know which edible seedlings are going into the garden for the 2019 season.  If you have edible seedlings

  1. Contact and explain what plants you have, how many, and your care plan for the holiday weekend by 9am Friday.
  2. Make sure your seedlings that are hardening off are being watered.  The wacky weather makes it difficult to keep these tender plants in small pots alive and thriving.

There is only one core committee gardener in town this weekend, and lots of pest control tasks to attend to.  Thank you for updating us ASAP.  -Denise


Children transplanted Bess’s gigantic zinnia during last night’s session.


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