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ISO Caterpillar Stewards (Response Needed By Wed Afternoon)

30 Jul


Are there any volunteers to help care for the caterpillar over the next week and a half?  I will be traveling and I know I cannot refresh the cage with milkweed every day or so.

Wednesday July 31st Is the Last Day to Volunteer

Read on if you are interested. Thanks in advance for your consideration.  If we don’t have volunteers very soon, I will release the caterpillar Wednesday night so she can get all the milkweed she needs in the wild of CV. This means we will lost the opportunity to observe the transformation and tag and release the Monarch butterfly in mid to late August. To volunteer, post a comment or email

You Can Help Care For Caterpillar Outside, Or Bring Her Into Your Apartment

The caterpillar habitat is outside, but if one person wants to commit to caring for this caterpillar until she goes into pupa (cocoon-like stage) over the next week or so, that person could care for the caterpillar indoors.  (Caterpillar shouldn’t be kept in super cold air conditioned room)

Care Is Easy But Must Be Done Daily

Care tasks include cleaning the cage everyday or so, which means replacing day old milkweed with fresh leaves (these are available inside and outside the play area), cleaning out the caterpillar poop and generally monitoring the caterpillars growth until she goes into crysalis/pupa/cocoon.  This will likely happen around August 6-9th.

Daily Care Tasks Will Only Be Needed Until About August 6th or 7th

Once she’s in pupa stage, she doesn’t need to be monitored as closely until about 1.5 to 2 weeks have passed.

Butterfly Will Be Tagged and Released Around The Week of August 19th

After she emerges as a butterfly, she will need to be released within a day or two.  By that time, around August 21-23, Benji and I will be back and can take over.

Benji and I got the tags from Monarch Watch and plan to tag her before releasing her as part of their citizen science project; Benji will likely document the process for an extra credit science project. Thanks!  -Denise

More information is here:



Welcome Monarch Caterpillar #2

28 Jul


Just call us Monarch Village!

I discovered several caterpillars on the milkweed today and moved one into the habitat container.  You can find the netted cage hanging on the persimmon tree outside the wooden garden-border fence.

All residents are welcome to observe this Monarch caterpillar.  You can move the habitat for observation but please do not touch the actual caterpillar. If you move the netted cage, please return it where you found it:  under the tree in a shaded are.  The caterpillar habitat should not be placed in direct sunlight.

You can read more here.  If you’d like to be involved in the raising and care for this caterpillar over the next 3 weeks, please post a comment or send an email message to 

We will keep the evolving creature outside, making sure she has fresh milkweed, and after she’s in pupa stage, making sure to note when she emerges so we can release her within 24 hours.

With luck we can try to tag and track the butterfly that will likely emerge mid-August.




Lots of things are sprouting!

25 Jul


Bush beans!



And tomatoes are ripening!

Jay Street Morning Glories Spread

24 Jul

Training the vines to climb hotizontally, as well as vertically, speeds fence coverage.

Reminder: Pls help 9am to 11:45 am today if you can

20 Jul

Garden needs work. Thanks!

Are you free Sat at 10am?

18 Jul

We want to hold a desperately needed garden work session from 915am to @11:30am. We need adult hands to move planters, pull up snap peas, harvest garlic, tie up tomatoes, plant cucumbers and bush beans.

RSVP by commenting here or sending a note to

Thank you!

A Butterfly Is Born!

18 Jul

Welcome to the world a new Monarch butterfly. Captured from CV milkweed as a caterpillar, she emerged from her pupa (in a habitat container) in the play area this morning. I left the flap open, but she probably wont leave for another day or so; if you pass the play area, look for the habitat near the pole where the helmet hangs

Black Swallowtail Drops Larva on Parsley Today

14 Jul

Isn’t she pretty?!?!

Day 10 of Monarch Chrysalis: Butterfly Will Emerge Within Days

14 Jul

Day10Monarch The caterpillar went to chrysalis about 9-10 days ago, so it should be nearing emergence!  The warm weather likely speeds the process.

Benji and I may tag this butterfly and track it through the Monarch Watch program, if we can get tagging materials in time…  (more).


Painted Lady Butterfly Gets Pollen From Echinacea Flower

14 Jul

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