Day 10 of Monarch Chrysalis: Butterfly Will Emerge Within Days

14 Jul

Day10Monarch The caterpillar went to chrysalis about 9-10 days ago, so it should be nearing emergence!  The warm weather likely speeds the process.

Benji and I may tag this butterfly and track it through the Monarch Watch program, if we can get tagging materials in time…  (more).


4 Responses to “Day 10 of Monarch Chrysalis: Butterfly Will Emerge Within Days”


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    […] to the world a new Monarch butterfly. Captured from CV milkweed as a caterpillar, she emerged from her pupa (in a habitat container) in the play area this morning. I left the flap open, but she probably wont […]

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    […] can read more here.  If you’d like to be involved in the raising and care for this caterpillar over the next 3 weeks, please post a comment or send an email message […]

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    […] on it, one landed on my shoulder! Next, we went to see newly hatched butterflies from their Chrysalis. One landed and rested on my hand. Next my dad drove us to the hotel that we were going to sleep […]

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