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Save the Date: Sat Oct 19th

27 Aug

The fall harvest party will be held on the evening of Saturday, October 19th!

More details to come…

Photo of Caterpillars

17 Aug

How Many Caterpillars Do You See?

17 Aug

The parsley in the standing bed outside the play area is filled with feasting caterpillars. They arent Monarchs, look like swallowtails or painted ladies.


Monarch Butterfly Was Tagged, Released Today

11 Aug

After only about 11 days in chrysalis, our Monarch butterfly emerged!


His name is Leif.


Kids gathered to watch Mila, who cared for the caterpillar in her home, release the beautiful butterfly after grownups tagged him with coded stickers.  The tags are part of Monarch Watch’s citizen science tagging project, which allows people to attach small stickers to Monarchs in order to help scientists study the migration patterns of this at-risk species.

Leif, a male, was marked with code AACB 225, and was released from CV on 08.11.19.milamonarchmomentIMG_4991

Today Leif embarked on a 6-to-8-week journey, and if the tag is recovered (hopefully in Mexico, the migrating Monarch’s destination) we will know he made it!  Or, if he makes it only as far as Texas or another US state, and his tag is recovered, we will learn those details.

Monarch Butterfly #2 Is Born

11 Aug

More info about tagging and releasing later today to come.

Update On Monarch Caterpillar #2

2 Aug

Thanks to everyone who offerred to care for this guy! Mila and her mom, Dana, have been doing a great job and it looks like the little guy is already moving into pupa stage.

Based on the interest, I will look into purchasing an additional habitat for future Monarch caterpillars. This would allow more families to participate in the raising and tagging of these very important creatures.

More info to come!


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