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Snap Pea Planting 10:30am Today

29 Sep

Benji and I will be in the garden from 10:30am to 11am this morning to prep soil and plant sugar snap pea seeds. Join us!



Diggers Needed!

28 Sep

Kids help is needed to till soil and worm hunt! Our cucumbers succumbed to blight and were going to squeeze in a snap pea bumper crop.

SAT 5:15-5:45pm Dig and Till

SUN @10:30am Till + Plant seeds

Hope to see you out in the play area garden! Thanks.

Harvest Potluck Fundraiser Oct 19th: You’re Invited!

23 Sep


All residents are invited to celebrate the 2019 Garden Harvest!  We’re holding an outdoor fundraising event and potluck in the children’s play area on Saturday October 19th from 4:30 to 6pm.

Who:  Members of CVEarthlab, the educational community garden, invite all residents (with & without small children) to join in!

Where:  The Garden & Children’s Outdoor Play Area, behind 195 Adams St / next to 230 Jay St

When:  Saturday October 19th, 4:30pm to 6pm

Why:  The garden is self-funded and requires money for the 2020 season. Learn about ongoing costs and more at

Members of the garden committee invite you to harvest some herbs from the garden and use them in a potluck dish to share at the party. (Potential ingredients to pick include: basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, lavender, lemon verbena, as well as dried garlic that was harvested in August.)

If you’d like to help the garden grow, we invite you to donate money at the event. Checks made out to CVOI can be submitted via Shari Rueckl (195 Adams St., Apt 15B) or the management office at 215 Adams St. You can also Venmo to Shari Rueckl (@misssha). Thank you!   See photos (and recipes) from previous years here: recipes harvest party; 2018 harvest party chocolate beet cake


Meet Monarch #3: Greta

13 Sep

After discovering more Monarch caterpillars at the end of August, I put one in a new mesh cage.  Over the Labor Day weekend, she turned into a pupa.  That was about 12-13 days ago, and based on the timing, a new Monarch butterfly should emerge any day.  Her name is Greta, a nod to climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Stay tuned for news this weekend, and check out the habitat hanging outside the play area if you walk by.  The pupa is small, green, and near the top zipper.

With luck, we may be able to tag and release Greta this weekend.   This will need to happen within hours of the emergence; be ready if you want to observe her first flight!  — Denise



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