Guess the Plant: What Is Shown Sprouting/ Shooting Up in These Photos?

18 Apr

Name the CV property plant that is sprouting out of the earth now. I don’t have all the answers for these 7 pics… Put your best guess in comments, please.  Thx.  -Denise


Plant #1 (Hint: Growing in bed by dog run).

Plant 2

#2 (Hint: This annual flower re-seeds itself).

Plant #3

#3 (Hint: This perennial is an early spring bloomer that spreads easily.)

Plant #4

4. (Hint: This is emerging with other non-edible plants and flowers near dog run).

Plant 5

#5 (Hint: Several of these classic perennials are coming up in play area.)

Plant #6

6. (Hint: This plant seems to have spread into the phlox.)

Plant #7

7. Hint: This plant is a non-edible, native perennial, located in bed near dog run.


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