Draft Proposal for Limited Garden Use Spring 2020

21 Apr

As I mentioned, I put together some ideas to propose how some of us might be able to use the garden in the coming weeks. Please see material in ital. How do these main points look?  What is missing?

Please add comments or send feedback to cvearthlab@gmail.com .  Also, let us know if you are interested in being considered for the short list of gardeners who may have access to the raised beds this spring.  It would require doing at least 20 minutes, 2-3 times a week, of essential garden duties such as watering.

Thanks for your input!  -Denise

Many authoritative groups, such as New York Restoration Project and Purdue University have shared professional guidance on operating a community garden while pandemic restrictions are in place. We hope to use some of these guidelines to operate CVEarthlab Garden on a small scale this spring.

We propose allowing 12 garden members limited access, with these strict rules.

  1. Only healthy people ,without symptoms, without known virus exposure, can use the garden.
  2. No more than 3 people are permitted to be in the garden space at one time.
  3. Staggered access to general area: No more than 8 masked people are allowed in the immediate garden area (including play area, walkway near parking lot) at one time. This will make demonstrations and supervised activities possible.
  4. When there are people from more than one household working in the garden, all gardeners will wear face masks.
  5. Frequently used surfaces and shared tools (pad lock, hose, shed handle) will be cleaned and sanitized before and after individual use. (Gardeners will bring their own sanitizer; garden com will keep backup supply on site)
  6. No children under 4-years-old are permitted in the garden. With 1-to-1 supervision, in certain situations, children 4+ can water and weed using tools/watering cans that they bring back and forth from home. (They cannot use the hose or any shared tools). Parents or other garden members will move flats of flowers and herbs outside the garden area for brief watering sessions with young children.
  7. At no time will there be more than 9 people present for activity (even when respecting social distancing and wearing a face mask)




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