Info Session + Seedling Inventory Today 5.31

31 May

I will be out in the garden today, Sunday, from about 10:15am to 12:15pm

Seedling Inventory : If you have seedlings that you started in March, we need to know ASAP.  Please bring them down to show us today or send an email to   Space to transplant limited, and we need to make decisions about what is going where.

Watering Demo: If you are on the “select” gardener list and want to see exactly what you need to do, starting this week, please stop by Sunday am.   If you aren’t on this official list, and want to do any gardening, you will need to CVGarden-planning-layout-distance training 4-23-20 and submit it to the office.


Important Note: All Spring/Summer 2020 gardeners must agree to strict regulations and understand the play area is not to be used for picnics or play while the amenity is temporarily closed.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding of this necessity; it has added extra administrative work for the office, the supers, the core committee gardeners and all the volunteers.  We are lucky that we’ve been able to garden at all, given the NY Pause and  pandemic precautions aimed to keep everyone safe.

Many thanks!  -Denise







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