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My Favorite Flower This Week…

29 Aug

is Zinnia!!!


Monarch Caterpillar #2 Is Still Eating, Preparing for Transformation

26 Aug

This one is staying in the triangle-shaped habitat that is hanging from shrub next to garden shed behind 195 Adams.

Monarch Caterpillar #1 Changes Into Chrysalis

26 Aug

See her in the large green cage by the garden shed, but don’t disturb her. She’ll be in there for a week or two before she turns into a butterfly.

Early August 2020 Highlights

23 Aug


Close Up Monarch Butterfly Pics

22 Aug


ISO Proper Caterpillar Cage

22 Aug

Found another Monarch caterpillar but don’t have an appropriate container…Anyone have a butterfly cage on hand? This will only last a day or two…TIA. -Denise

Captured! Monarch Caterpillar

19 Aug


Found this gal on milkweed today; she’s in the butterfly house hanging by the garden shed behind 195 Adams. Have a look! But please don’t remove or touch her — as bacteria from humans may harm her.


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See Captive Monarch Caterpillar In Chrysalis 

Monarch Butterfly Was Tagged, Released Today


Late July 2020, Garden Highlights

3 Aug



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Mid-July 2020

Mid-July 2020 Garden Scenes

1 Aug



Early July 2020 Garden Highlights

1 Aug


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